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Health Checks & Blood Tests

Private Blood Tests

Tabi Health’s blood tests are designed to assist you understand your physical well-being and making informed decisions regarding your health and lifestyle choices moving forward. 

We can attend private blood testing service in our hitchin clinic or place order for home blood testing kit.

Wide range of tests available from female or male hormone tests, allergy tests, thyroid tests, cholesterol, full blood count and more.

Assess your health, understand your numbers, and grasp their significance for your overall well-being. 

Blood Tests

Blood Testing at Hitchin Clinic

Starting from £79

During a Tabi Health assessment or blood test, a certified nurse or pharmacist will handle the collection of your blood sample and guide you through the appointment.

The collected sample is sent to a lab accredited by UKAS for thorough analysis.

A team of experts will review your results, providing advice and personalized recommendations for the next steps in your health journey. By opting for follow-up tests, you can systematically measure and track changes over time, assessing how any lifestyle adjustments may be influencing your overall health..

How It Works

Book An Appointment

Select a test, book an appointment online or by calling the clinic.

Receive your medical report

Your results will be be assessed by our UKAS accredited lab and available to you online to help take control of your health.

Can't get to the clinic, then order Home Blood Testing Kits

Why Choose Us

We believe everyone should have access to healthcare when needed.

We have experienced and accredited healthcare providers to help you with your condition. Please click on the treatment above to get started and get access to your medicine.

  • Experience

    Years of expertise and hands-on knowledge ensure top-notch service tailored to your needs

  • Speak to a Pharmacist

    At the end of an assessment you get to speak speak directly to a pharmacist to ensure all your concerns are discussed.

  • Treatment within 2 to 24 hours

    24 Hour Delivery Available. Call Us for Emergency Supply. *Subject to terms and conditions.

Notice: There is no online deliveries till the 28th of July. Next dispatch is 29th of July.