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General Health

Travel Health Clinic

Whether you are going for a short or long trip or even a business trip, we;ve got your back. We are able to assess the travel medication or vaccination required for the country you intend to visit. 

Click on below to book an appointment. 

How It Works

Travel Questionnaire

Complete questionnaire to let us know where you are going and the vaccinations you required.

Get Vaccinated or Receive Your Medication

You attend the clinic for vaccinations. For medications such as antimalarial tablets, you can attend a video consultation and we deliver medication to you.

Why Choose Us

We believe everyone should have access to healthcare when needed.

We have experienced and accredited healthcare providers to help you with your condition. Please click on the treatment above to get started and get access to your medicine.

  • Experience

    Years of expertise and hands-on knowledge ensure top-notch service tailored to your needs

  • Speak to a Pharmacist

    At the end of an assessment you get to speak speak directly to a pharmacist to ensure all your concerns are discussed.

  • Treatment within 2 to 24 hours

    24 Hour Delivery Available. Call Us for Emergency Supply

Notice: There is no online deliveries till the 28th of July. Next dispatch is 29th of July.